IT Custom System Development

IT Custom System (also known as bespoke software or tailor-made software) is software that is specially developed for some particular organization or other user. As a result, it can be contrasted by using software packages developed for the mass market, such as professional off-the-shelf (COTS) software, or current free software.

 Custom Software Development can often be considered expensive compared to off-the-shelf remedies or products. This can be true if is speaking of typical challenges as well as typical solutions. However, it isn’t always true; custom software development by a reputable supplier can be a matter of building a house upon a compelling foundation and, if managed correctly, it is possible to accomplish this quickly and to a substantial standard. In many cases, COTS software program requires customization to correctly assistance the buyer’s operations. The cost and delay of COTS customization frequently adds up to the expense of developing custom software.

Internet applications are the wave for the future. If you’re considering creating the latest web-based product and want the assistance of a team of experts considering cutting-edge ideas, DOST’s web development team is befitting you. We build custom web applications good ideas of future-focused customers attempting to develop a business that will change an industry or a tradition. Whether your business objectives are to produce a sleek website for social media or a market based process improvement, DOST will help you accomplish your goals. Our clients go to us for the resources and skills to implement internet based applications that generate waves within the online community.

Would you determine to employ someone who couldn’t learn the way your business worked? Who had great existing ‘skills’ and ‘features’ but couldn’t conform to your business growth and needs. How valuable would an individual prefer that be?

Due to the traditionally high cost of implementing bespoke software or custom-built apps, many businesses have had to cope with pre-built, general purpose software packages to cope with their IT needs. This no longer enables businesses to have the agility and flexibility needed to survive and grow with the current economic competitive marketplace and recessionary instances.

 DOST models, develops and maintains our own software solutions and we are able to offer our skills, experience and expertise to end customers on a project by project basis. Our systems improvement services can cover simple data display and presentation (e.g. billing and reporting portals), bi-directional apps and systems integration and data manipulation, custom feature development on your ICP platform or specialized applications including text to speech, auto dialers and also protocol conversion.

We provide our clients with bespoke solutions for any similar cost to existing off-the-shelf software program, by using leading-edge application growth tools and technologies. We undertake a full analysis of your business with you and identify what functionality needs to allow your employees to be as efficient as is possible and increase your levels of businesses productivity and support services.

Considering that our beginnings, DOST has specialized in Custom System Development. We now have developed several custom enterprise applications and platforms to match the specific needs of the clients.

We have deep experience in this area, and we offer a complete type of services:

  • Project Management
  • Requirements Evaluation and Documentation
  • Architecture, Software and Database Design
  • Software and Repository Implementation
  • Software and Database Confirmation
  • Deployment Services and Support
  • Facts Conversion
  • Platform Migration

Over days gone by years, we have developed proven methodologies that people use to manage the whole life-cycle of software development. This makes sure that the end-product meets your demands and specifications.

Our custom devices are developed on established electronics and network platforms. This shows that our solutions are flexible and scalable enough to meet your current and future wants. We also have the power to integrate with your existing legacy enterprise applications.

Once we produce a system, we can also host it in your case. We have outsourcing agreements which cover system maintenance, upgrades, and support. Let us show you the way we develop custom “solutions that fit” the needs you have.

Our comprehensive tools and methodologies keep your projects are user focused, and also completed on-time and within finances. With huge experience of Organization Solutions, DOST focuses on creating best-in-class solutions that helps your small business compete.

Our industry-savvy designers and technical engineers are craftsmen with deep sector expertise who build and solve one of the most challenging and complex applications.